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This web site is a sale announcement for:

Land for sale
Property for sale
House for sale
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Land for developer

Nice plots of land at prime locations in Bangkok and other major cities in Thailand for
land developers. This is the web site of owners' properties for sale which will be
presented with land tittles pictures and locations as possible. Siri Realty Agency is a
team of officially certified real estate agents and will handle each contact personally
and professionally until the dealing is finalised in the representation of the land
owners accept for the ones which only favouring posted in this web site which will
announce to be contacted to the land owner with addresses, email addresses or
phone numbers accordingly.  

You're all welcome to contact Siri Realty Agency for more detail information and
business negotiation or any further assistance.

Warm Wishes.
Land and property for sale, buy or rent in Bangkok and Thailand, prime location sites for land developers
by Siri Realty  Agency
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