My perception of my
part as an agent is
to focus on my
missions that will
fulfill both side
needs negotiation
until the duty is

Chantravadi Kiangsiri
Siri Realty Agency
Siri RungSarit Co.,Ltd.
Thim  Kiangsiri
About Me
Bachelor degree in Psychology from Thammasat University since 1975
Mater Dei School high school diploma, a Catholic Usuline nun academy from 1959  - 1971
Advance management program for Hotel and Restaurant management executives  and  from Thai
Hotel & Hospitality Management Association and Suan Dusit Rajabhat University in 2005
Champion Shell Quiz Award in 1970,  piano practice - music theory - ballroom dancing trained
Bangkok Riding and Polo Club [BRPC] Equestrian Championship Trophy 1969
Thai massage 150 hours curricular certificate
member of American Express Company  since 1984
Brought up in a property owner and real estate developer family, trained naturally day by day of the
how to in business and associated businesses with broad vision and aspects of variety of fields
which has to build up by gaining credit from associates and respectful attitude way of living only
and the one and only.
Let's be of your service with our network realty agents
connection for your satisfaction.
Without an agent,  you're on your own. [ASTA]
My Life: